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Our Story

Founded in the year 1965 by late Shk Husseni Bhai Masaliya and Mr Moiz Cochinwala. dedicated to genuineness, quality and support, S.Saify and Co (Madras), an industry leading trader of cutting tools, offers a complete portfolio of precision engineered products and custom solution services.

With hundreds and thousands of products such as drilling, milling, reaming, tapping, gauging and other tooling products and a network of support of our authorized procuring partners, you will find everything you need from one single source.
In this constantly changing manufacturing world, the passion for metal cutting is crucial to stay ahead. We share that passion. With a keen understanding of your business realities, we provide you with metal cutting tools and solutions that match the ambitions of your company. Together, we shape the future of manufacturing.
Saify’s Code of Conduct is a key part of our core values and defines our “winning with integrity” culture and mindset. The Code of Conduct defines the values and principles upon which Saify operates its business, competes in the marketplace, and serves our customers all over. For more than 54 years, Saify has been committed to not only compliance with all applicable laws, but also conducting business with the highest ethical principles.
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