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He ate lunch with lepers who weren’t allowed to go to a place of worship anymore. When I consider all of this, I believe if Jesus were here, he would make his home somewhere near or perhaps even inside a recovery house.

  • For instance, among African Americans living in Oxford House, other house residents contributed to abstinent support networks .
  • Although initial research on outcomes of SLH residents has been very encouraging, there is a need for mor…
  • Loneliness and self-pity soon lead such individuals back to alcoholic drinking or drug use.
  • The LBDQ is typically administered to followers or group members to describe a leader’s behavior in the group or organization.
  • Several studies focused explicitly on general and specific social support within Oxford House.
  • Third, an Oxford House must, in essence be a good member of the community by obeying the laws and paying its bills.

Over 10,000 oxford house traditions people live in these recovery homes, making them the largest self-help residential recovery program in the US . These houses are self-supporting and democratically run; the houses are chartered and expected to follow guidelines and traditions as suggested by Oxford House, Inc., a 501 non-profit corporation . One of the greatest threats to the sobriety of a recovering alcoholic or drug addict is loneliness. At a time when we acquired a serious desire to stop drinking or using drugs, many of us had lost our families and friends because of our alcoholism and/or drug addiction. Too often, newly recovering alcoholics and drug addicts are faced with the necessity of living alone and of relying solely on contacts with Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to stay sober. Some are able to keep from drinking in spite of the loneliness with which they were faced.


Oxford Houses flourish in metropolitan like Huntington, WVA and Washington D.C., as well as in smaller communities like Parkersville and Wheeling, WVA. In those situations where a member’s behavior is disruptive to the group as a whole, the member may be required to seek such professional help or more self-help meetings in order to avoid being dismissed from Oxford House.

  • In the optimal case, an individual completes the detoxification process and then moves through a time limited therapeutic program.
  • Transitional housing is temporary housing for the working homeless population and is set up to transition their residents to permanent housing.
  • The situation should be avoided whereby certain individuals will begin to equate their persuasive qualities with the Oxford House concept.
  • Recidivism rates within one year following treatment are high for men and women, and 52–75% of all substance abusers drop out during treatment .
  • Individuals who are interested in living in an Oxford House should call the house of their choice to see if there are any vacancies, If there are vacancies, an interview will be scheduled.
  • Many of us soon learned, however, that living alone or living among our old drinking companions made it more difficult to practice the principles necessary for continued sobriety.

What was once known as a halfway house, three-quarter house, transitional house or sober living home now falls under the heading of recovery residence. Another drawback to this study was the utilization of self-report surveys rather than a follower’s report of a leader’s behaviors and methods. Research has shown that a leadership style measure such as the LBDQ may not measure the same thing when used as a self-rating than when it is employed as an external assessment . There was also a greater “halo effect” in self-assessments which makes points to a certain amount of bias in these self-ratings.

Self-Help for Sobriety Without Relapse

Initiation of structure focuses more on the skills of a leader in a position of power over subordinates. As none of the members are more subordinate to another, this skill set would be less prevalent.

oxford house traditions

For example, Pearson, Steglich, and Snijders illustrate the co-evolution of friendship networks and substance abuse among teenagers. They found strong network selection effects occurring with a preference for same sex reciprocated relationships in closed networks. Steglich, Snijders, and West explored the co-evolution of social networks regarding the role of peer groups in friendship networks and alcohol consumption. Study 2 performed secondary analysis on data from a large national investigation funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse of current residents of Oxford House who were at various stages in their alcohol and drug recovery.

How many Oxford Houses are in the United States?

Oxford House sober houses fit six to fifteen or more residents; some homes are for men, some for women, and some even offer services to women with small children. One can only be dismissed from an Oxford House because of drinking, using drugs, non-payment of rent, or disruptive behavior.

  • They use a peer-oriented, social model approach that emphasizes mutual support, financial self-sufficiency, and resident involvement in decision making and management of the facility.
  • (Since 1989, many new Oxford Houses have taken advantage of state revolving loan programs.
  • The third factor affecting us both in the rehabilitation facilities and the half-way houses was the realization that the duration of our stay must be limited because space must be made for others in need of help.
  • A new house applies for the loan through FORA, which works with the chapter to open the new Oxford House.
  • Erica became the Office Manager at the corporate office located in Overland Park in 2019.
  • The President, when present, will be responsible for calling and presiding over emergency house meetings, particularly in regard to a house member’s concerns of possible alcohol or drug use by a resident.

This sheet contained, for instance, telephone numbers and addresses of family, friends, neighbors, employers, post offices, credit unions, and tax offices. Name and contact information for the person who always knew how to reach the participant also had been obtained at the beginning of the study and in each subsequent wave. Participants were paid $40 for filling out the pretest questionnaire at baseline, and equivalent incentives were used for the subsequent four interview waves. Study completion rate across the two years was comparable for Oxford House (89%) and usual after-care (86%) participants. Oxford Houses’ case management includes attending house and chapter meetings, mediating disagreements between house members, landlords or neighbors. Monthly New Member orientations help Oxford House service participants understand the principles and traditions of Oxford House.

A representative of each House in the Chapter meets with the others on a monthly basis, to exchange information, to seek resolution of problems in a particular House, and to express that Chapter’s vote on larger issues. The concept and the standardized, democratic, self-supported Oxford House system of operations itself are far more persuasive than any individual. Be honest and straight-forward when sharing the Oxford oxford house traditions House concept with others. No Member of an Oxford House is ever asked to leave without cause—a dismissal vote by the membership because of drinking, drug using, or disruptive behavior. Among many notable residents past and present is the celebrated author William Faulkner, whose legacy is commemorated through the preservation of numerous relevant homes, his gravesite, and a bronze statue in front of City Hall.

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